Maximize SQL Server monitoring with custom metrics

SQL Monitor is a performance monitoring and alerting tool for
SQL Server, with a web-based UI. Its custom metrics feature lets you run T-SQL queries against SQL Servers to collect specific data. But what if you don’t want to write your own queries? No problem. Red Gate has brought together a range of quality custom metrics for you to use in SQL Monitor.


  • Browse popular metric categories or search for keywords or authors
  • Discover new and useful ways to monitor your SQL Servers
  • Decide quickly which metrics will broaden your monitoring range


  • Automatically install a metric in your version of SQL Monitor
  • Tune settings specific to your environment by following our guidelines
  • Start collecting, analyzing and alerting on data right away


Tables without clustered indexes defined

VN:RO [1.9.17_1161]

This metric measures the number of tables without clustered indexes defined that contain more than 1000 rows per database. Read more

Tempdb allocation contention

VN:RO [1.9.17_1161]

If your code uses temporary tables, variable tables or dynamic cursors, this metric can help identify whether you have contention on tempdb allocation. Read more