Monitor TempDB Contention

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Measures the total duration of latch waits on the tempdb database, in a one-minute time interval. First, create and start for the following Extended Events session on the monitored SQL Server instance: [crayon-66a2567206046096778892/] The goal is to get the total duration of latch waits, in the last minute, so this session collects all the event […] Read more

Jobs without notification

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SQL Agent can be configure to notify an operator when a job fails. While failed jobs also surface in the monitoring, proactive notification often allows for a quicker response. Read more

Total database file size

This custom metric measures the total database file size (data files and log file combined). An increase in this metric signals that a database was grown. When not done by the DBA, this is an autogrow. Excessive autogrow events should be prevented as this can result to file fragmentation. Try to manually grow files before […] Read more

Percentage of ad-hoc queries

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This metric will display the percentage of queries on the server that are ad-hoc queries. A high percentage of ad-hoc queries can indicate that an application is running queries that are not properly parameterized. Read more

Non-Microsoft loaded modules

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This metric returns the number of non-Microsoft modules loaded into the SQL Server address space. Having a lot of modules loaded into the address space can cause performance issues in SQL Server. This metric lets you keep an eye on how many modules you have, other than those created by Microsoft. Thanks to Nicolaas Botes for […] Read more

SQL Server instance restarted

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This metric and alert will notify you when a SQL Server instance is restarted for any reason. The value returned by the metric is not useful on its own, and is only used by the alert to detect changes. When the server has not been restarted it will report 0 , and when the server […] Read more

Percentage of blocked connections

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Most well-balanced SQL Servers will have some degree of blocking. This metric attempts to measure the impact of lead blocking queries against other queries. Higher values indicate that many connections are being blocked, and queries should be tuned to reduce the amount of contention. Read more