Monitor Database Events

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This metric queries data from an Extended Events session to detect databases being dropped, created, started, stopped, attached or detached. It assigns a configurable “anxiety index” value (an integer from 1-10) to each detected event and then calculates a total based on the occurrences of these events over a period. First, create and start for […] Read more

Principals with sysadmin login

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This metric counts the number of principals who are members of the sysadmin fixed server role. Adding a normal user to this role could pose a security risk and is not recommended. Read more

Untrusted check constraints

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This metric returns the number of check constraints that have their is_not_trusted flag set to 1 in the sys.check_constraints table. This can point to a data integrity issue which should be investigated. Read more

Identity columns near limit

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If your application relies on identity columns, use this metric to measure the number of identity columns that are near to the limit per database. Read more

Out of memory errors

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The number of out of memory errors that have occurred within a rolling five minute window. If you just want to keep an eye out for any memory errors, you can watch the ring buffers for the Out of Memory error alert when it gets registered there. Read more

Last backup size

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Backups are at the heart of the activities of any DBA. You have to restore the backup to know it is good, but you can get an early alert that something is wrong if your backup size changes rapidly or unexpectedly in a short period of time. Read more