Monitor Database Events

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Metrics install automatically if you have Redgate Monitor installed.

If you are using Redgate’s SQL Server monitoring tool, Redgate Monitor, you can instantly install and run this metric on your servers.

This metric queries data from an Extended Events session to detect databases being dropped, created, started, stopped, attached or detached. It assigns a configurable “anxiety index” value (an integer from 1-10) to each detected event and then calculates a total based on the occurrences of these events over a period.

First, create and start for the following Extended Events session on the monitored SQL Server instance:

For further details see: Checking for Database Events Using Extended Events and SQL Monitor.

Metric definition




An anxiety level metric based on detection of databases being stopped, started, attached, detached, created or dropped. These actions should be unusual on a production server.

The T-SQL query that will collect data

Instances to collect from


Databases to collect from


Collection frequency

1 min

Use collected or calculated values

Leave the Use a calculated rate of change between collections check box unchecked

Metric collection


Alert definition

The appropriate alert threshold depends on how often these events are likely to occur on your systems. You should set the alert threshold after establishing a baseline for your working instance.