Databases at 80% of max file size

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This metric tracks the largest file in a database as a percentage of the maximum file size. If there are 3 files, and 2 are at 50% of the max set (max_usage in sys.database_files), and a third is at 60%, the 60% number is returned. Read more

Total database file size

This custom metric measures the total database file size (data files and log file combined). An increase in this metric signals that a database was grown. When not done by the DBA, this is an autogrow. Excessive autogrow events should be prevented as this can result to file fragmentation. Try to manually grow files before […] Read more

Space used by database objects

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This metric reports the total space used by database files in GB. This includes data files but excludes log files. This lets you track the growth of the databases over time so you can be aware of future space requirements. Alternatively, the following T-SQL can be used for SQL Server 2012 and higher: [crayon-66738b0139eed022668490/] Read more

Percentage of used log space

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This metric measures the percentage of free space for transaction log files (LDF files). It will also alert you if the amount of free space drops below the specified thresholds. Read more

Large transaction log files

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This metric measures the number of transaction log files that are greater than 10 GB. The associated alert is raised when the number of files exceeds the specified threshold. Read more

Database growth steps available

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This metric measures the number of available autogrowth steps for a database, so you can see when they are reduced or increased because something else (e.g. another database) starts or stops taking up space, when storage is added, etc. Read more

Percentage of database free space

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This metric measures the percentage of database free space - both reserved and unused - to help you manage space requirements more efficiently. For example, you might find this data helps you to correctly estimate file size, so you don't suffer from problems with automatic file growth. Read more

Percentage of used/available database space

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This metric measures the ratio between used database space and total available space, also taking into account current size, maximum size and the amount of free space for each drive. The values collected help you maintain control over the database storage area, and monitor database growth in combination with general space management on a database file's host. Read more