Finding Job Step Failures

This metric returns a count of the job steps that failed in the latest execution of all jobs on the instance. This should be a calculated measure, where the change is what should alert the DBA. If any step in a job fails in the latest execution, this alert counts those failures and returns a […] Read more

SQL Agent Jobs Owned By The Wrong Person

One or more SQL Agent jobs exist that are not owned by the database owner. You should fix these jobs so that they’re owned by the appropriate person. If the owning account is removed from Active Directory, the job may fail. Read more

Untrusted foreign keys

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This metric returns the number of foreign keys that have their is_not_trusted flag set to 1 in the sys.foreign_keys table. An untrusted foreign key may threaten a database's referential and data integrity. Read more

Disabled backup jobs

This metric investigates backup jobs, searching for any that may be disabled inappropriately. If any of your backup jobs have been disabled inappropriately, you may not be aware of their state. Read more

Percentage of fragmented indexes

This is a general indicator of performance problems. Index fragmentation can affect the rate of return for moderate to large tables. If multiple indexes are fragmented throughout the database, then an index maintenance strategy needs to be evaluated. Read more

Number of unused indexes

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Use this metric if you want to monitor the number of indexes per database that haven't been used for the last month. Indexes that aren't in use should be removed because they can degrade INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE performance, and they use storage space. Read more