Job overran

12,173 0
This metric tells you whether a specific SQL Agent job that runs at exactly the same time every day has overrun its expected duration. Read more

Long-running job

22,627 1
This metric returns the longest running instance of the named job in the last hour. By creating multiple custom metrics from this example – one for each job you're interested in – you can specify alert thresholds for each job individually. Read more

Indexes with excessive writes

18,375 0
This metric measures the total number of indexes per database, where the number of writes exceed the number of reads. It provides a general indicator of possible performance factors affecting queries in your database. Read more

Database state

8,958 0
This metric tells you whether a database is online, restoring, recovering, recovery pending, suspect, emergency, offline or does not exist on the server. Read more


8,121 0
CXPACKET waits may or may not be an issue for a system, but on an OLTP style system, they can indicate costly queries that are executing and requiring parallelized plans. Read more

Plan cache hit ratio

19,017 0
A high plan cache hit ratio does not guarantee that all queries are using the cache as well as they might. Knowing the percentage of queries that are satisfied from cache helps you to better understand the plan cache hit ratio value. Read more

Plan cache reuse

6,638 0
This metric shows the percentage of cached plans that are being used more than once. If a plan is cached but never reused, there may be an opportunity to tune your server to work more effectively. Read more