CPU signal wait time

21,372 0
This metric measures the percentage of time spent waiting for CPU resources to service a thread. A high signal wait time for all wait types may indicate that CPUs are being overused, forcing tasks to wait for SQL Server processes. Read more

Percentage of fragmented indexes

This is a general indicator of performance problems. Index fragmentation can affect the rate of return for moderate to large tables. If multiple indexes are fragmented throughout the database, then an index maintenance strategy needs to be evaluated. Read more

Average I/O stalls

56,150 0 ,
This is a general indicator of performance problems. High stall times indicate I/O problems, which can be attributed to busy physical disks or queries that return large data sets to the client. Read more

Number of ascending statistics

6,685 0
This metric returns the number of ascending statistics per database. A common problem relating to distribution statistics is associated with “ascending value columns” in a table. Read more

Top buffer cache object

13,852 0 ,
This metric measures the amount of memory used in the buffer cache by the largest object (based on the number of pages). It checks the sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors to identify the object, and returns the relative percentage used. Read more