Job overran

This metric tells you whether a specific SQL Agent job that runs at exactly the same time every day has overrun its expected duration.

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This metric tells you if a specific SQL Server Agent job that runs at the same time every day has overrun. The metric is useful when a job can have negative effects on other processes if it overruns.

For example, you may have a series of consecutive jobs that run for 1 minute each, starting at 9am. It’s important for the first job to finish by 9:01, so the second one can begin, and so on. If the job runs for longer than expected, an alert is raised.

Important: You’ll need to edit the T-SQL with the job’s name and the expected start and finish hour and minute. In this query, the job is called ‘TestJob’, it starts at 17:00, and it should finish by 17:02.

Metric definition


'TestJob' overran


This checks if a specific job has not finished by the expected time.

  • If 0 is returned, the job either:
  • - hasn't started,
  • - is running during the expected time, or
  • - has finished running.
  • If 1 is returned, the job is running beyond the expected finish time.

The T-SQL query that will collect data

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Collection frequency


Use collected or calculated values

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Metric collection


Alert definition

Alert name

'TestJob' overran


The job being monitored ran for longer than expected.

Raise an alert when the metric value goes

Above the defined threshholds

Default threshold values

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Low:Leave unchecked

Raise an alert when the threshold is passed for

1 collection

Alert is