Replication Publisher Latency

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Metrics install automatically if you have Redgate Monitor installed.

If you are using Redgate’s SQL Server monitoring tool, Redgate Monitor, you can instantly install and run this metric on your servers.

Query sp_replcounters on each Publisher to get the latency for that publication. If the value is above a defined threshold, raise an alert. Output is in seconds.

Metric definition



The T-SQL query that will collect data

Instances to collect from

Only those with Publishers

Databases to collect from

Only those with Publishers

Collection frequency

5 minutes

Use collected or calculated values

Leave the Use a calculated rate of change between collections check box unchecked

Metric collection


Alert definition

Alert name

Replication Latency Too High


This database has experienced high dispatch latency in replication

Raise an alert when the metric value goes

above the defined threshholds

Default threshold values


Raise an alert when the threshold is passed for

1 time collections

Alert is