Issues found by sp_Blitz

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sp_Blitz™ is a health check script created by Brent Ozar. It looks for configuration, security, health and performance problems, and reports back with a list of issues for you to look into. It’s great for quickly understanding the state of a server you’ve been asked to look after.

The list of issues is the script’s major draw. However, if you run the script regularly, it can also help you keep track of whether your server is getting better or worse. To help with tracking of changes, Brent added an option to make the sproc return a count of the issues found. This custom metric lets you monitor the health of your server by tracking that count.

To run this metric, you’ll need to download the script and install it on your SQL Server. Follow these instructions on Brent’s site.

You may want to adjust the @IgnorePrioritiesAbove parameter to exclude less important issues from the count. To do this, see the parameter documentation on Brent’s site.

Issues found by sp_Blitz, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Metric definition

Metric Name:
Issues found by sp_Blitz
This metric keeps track of the number of server issues found by sp_Blitz™. For the full list of issues, run “EXEC sp_Blitz”.
Enter the T-SQL query that will collect data:
EXEC sp_blitz @IgnorePrioritiesAbove = 110, @outputType = 'COUNT'
Select instances to collect from:
Select all
Choose databases to collect from:
Specify databases and type
Set collection frequency:
Collect data every day
Use collected or calculated values:
Leave the Use a calculated rate of change between collections check box turned off
Metric collection is:

Alert definition

An alert is not required

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  • Dominic L

    If you have case sensitivity on you will want to make sure that @outputType is @OutputType or you will receive an return error.

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