Last backup size

15,948 0
Backups are at the heart of the activities of any DBA. You have to restore the backup to know it is good, but you can get an early alert that something is wrong if your backup size changes rapidly or unexpectedly in a short period of time. Read more

Database file size

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It’s important to measure the growth of databases so you can plan future space requirements, prepare for time periods when heavy volume traffic is expected, and take action in advance to prevent problems such as highly fragmented databases. Read more

Schema modified

The metric is a necessary step in order to achieve the key purpose of this metric, which is to create an alert that will be raised when something is added to the schema, or the existing schema is modified. Read more

WriteLog wait time

28,058 0 ,
During a transaction, data is written to the log cache so that it’s ready to be written to the log file on commit, or can be rolled back if necessary. When the log cache is being flushed to disk, the SQL Server session will wait on the WriteLog wait type. Read more

Buffer cache used per database in MB

16,235 0 ,
Knowing how much of your RAM is committed to each database can help you provision the right amount of RAM to SQL Server. It also helps to identify rogue queries that draw too much data into RAM and force data from other databases out of the cache. Read more

Table size (MB)

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This metric is useful if you want to know exactly how much physical space a particular table is taking up, including the size of its indexes. Read more

Server principals with default database offline

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This metric monitors whether a server principal's default database is offline. When you create a SQL Server server principal (formerly referred to as a server login) it has a default database setting that is used to assist in a connection request when no database is specified. Read more