SQL Server: buffer manager: database pages

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This metric tells you how many database pages are currently being occupied in the data cache. The higher the buffer manager: database pages is, the less room there is for SQL Server to cache more data pages. Read more

Ad hoc query stubs in plan cache

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This metric measures the total number of one-time use ad hoc queries in the plan cache that have been stored in the form of a stub, not as a full execution plan. Read more

Last backup size

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Backups are at the heart of the activities of any DBA. You have to restore the backup to know it is good, but you can get an early alert that something is wrong if your backup size changes rapidly or unexpectedly in a short period of time. Read more

Database file size

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It’s important to measure the growth of databases so you can plan future space requirements, prepare for time periods when heavy volume traffic is expected, and take action in advance to prevent problems such as highly fragmented databases. Read more