New Server Login Added

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This custom metric queries the default trace to find events related to creation of new Server Logins Read more

Space used by database objects

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This metric reports the total space used by database files in GB. This includes data files but excludes log files. This lets you track the growth of the databases over time so you can be aware of future space requirements. Alternatively, the following T-SQL can be used for SQL Server 2012 and higher: [crayon-5b740457e3ed1568051761/] Read more

Non-Microsoft loaded modules

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This metric returns the number of non-Microsoft modules loaded into the SQL Server address space. Having a lot of modules loaded into the address space can cause performance issues in SQL Server. This metric lets you keep an eye on how many modules you have, other than those created by Microsoft. Thanks to Nicolaas Botes for […] Read more

SQL Server instance restarted

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This metric and alert will notify you when a SQL Server instance is restarted for any reason. The value returned by the metric is not useful on its own, and is only used by the alert to detect changes. When the server has not been restarted it will report 0 , and when the server […] Read more

Default user service account

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This metric checks whether SQL Server services are running under any of the default accounts, such as localsystem. Using a default account for SQL Server services can be a security risk. Read more

Principals with sysadmin login

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This metric counts the number of principals who are members of the sysadmin fixed server role. Adding a normal user to this role could pose a security risk and is not recommended. Read more

Percentage of used log space

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This metric measures the percentage of free space for transaction log files (LDF files). It will also alert you if the amount of free space drops below the specified thresholds. Read more

Large transaction log files

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This metric measures the number of transaction log files that are greater than 10 GB. The associated alert is raised when the number of files exceeds the specified threshold. Read more

Failed SQL Server logins

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This metric returns the number of 'login failed' error messages found in the SQL Server error log file in the last hour. Read more

Untrusted check constraints

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This metric returns the number of check constraints that have their is_not_trusted flag set to 1 in the sys.check_constraints table. This can point to a data integrity issue which should be investigated. Read more